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Learn tricks to take and edit photographs for social media on your phone

Instagram has become the virtual showcase where everyone wants to stand out. Mina Barrio – product photographer at Melon Blanc, responsible for creating visual content for all kinds of brands – will teach you all the tips on how to best present your Instagram projects using only your smartphone.

What Mina will teach you in this course goes far beyond taking a beautiful photo: you will learn to communicate your values, creating your own personal style for your project along the way. A good photo op could come up at any time, so always have your phone on you in order to capture the moment instantly. To do this, you will learn both the creative aspect of photography as well as the technique, exclusively using the tools that you can find on your smartphone. Edit your images like a pro instagrammer.

You will start by checking out the Instagram accounts that inspire Mina Barrio in order to help you to stay up to speed with the visual trends on social networks.

Next you will see what kind of materials you can use for your photographs, and learn the basic principles of composition as well as how to define your own style for your project.

With that style in mind, you will take different types of photos: realistic environments, the famous flat lay, colorful backgrounds or simply the places you visit. In addition, Mina will give you some ideas to take original photographs that will open the doors to a world of visual creativity.

Once you have taken your photographs, you will edit them. Mina will tell you about the tools she usually uses to touch up her images with her mobile device. Once they are ready, you will learn to organize your social networks, planning when you will post each photograph and programming the posts.

Finally, Mina will explain how to get the most out of Instagram Stories, the tool that allows you to share short and episodic videos on Instagram.

What is this course’s project?

You will photograph and edit your own images following the style you have defined for your project.


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Course content: https://www.domestika.org/en/courses/227-professional-photography-for-instagram

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