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Save Money And Be Creative At The Same Time

You don’t need to buy every lens or filter for your camera in order to create impactful images. Mike Hagen is back with his DIY series to explore the hacks you can take to play with different looks when shooting. He’ll explore ways to create tilt shifts, bokeh backgrounds, lightboxes for macro field work, and star filters.

  • You’ll learn how to make:
  • Soft filters for photographing portraits or flowers
  • Neutral density filters for long exposures
  • Different fine art backgrounds like bokeh, haze and tilt-shift
  • An inexpensive macro lens and macro diffuser
Capture different looks by using items you can find around your house or at the local hardware store. Mike Hagen will have you expanding your camera bag and your portfolio so you can spend more time being creative and less time spending money.


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Course content:

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