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Shoot Fashion On A Budget.

When you think of conceptual, high-fashion photo shoots, you imagine budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars. Turns out, couture shoot concepts don’t have to cost more than $100. Join Amanda Diaz for a hands-on class that will show you how to concept, style, and photograph the images of your dreams.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to create high-fashion looks (including models, props, and locations) on a seriously shoestring budget. You’ll develop the strategies you need to carry out a complete low-cost, high-impact shoot from start to finish. You’ll also learn about creating a consistent, cohesive portfolio and develop ways to express your unique point of view in every image you capture. You’ll examine how a fear of criticism can unduly discourage you in the same way financial constraints do, and how to prevent those fears from holding you back.

From vision boarding to connecting with modeling agencies to shooting for publications and more, you’ll explore the tips and techniques every professional photographer needs to know.


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Course content:

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