Sue Bryce Education — DIY Backdrop Painting — Free download

Sue gets down and dirty in this do-it-yourself tutorial. Watch time lapse videos of the creations of two successfully painted backdrops made for under $100 and learn how to create your own fast, fun, and cheap DIY painted backdrop.

Backdrop #1 (4:20)
See how Sue creates an Oliphant style backdrop with 2 friends for $73 in under a half an hour!

Items Used:

  • Painter’s Canvas Drop Cloth
  • Paint Kit (tray, brush, & roller)
  • Main Paint Color
  • Other color tones to add in
  • Plastic Cover for the floor
  • Sponges

Backdrop #2 (2:33)
Painting the final backdrop a simple grey color, Sue walks us through her thought process and actions in the creation of this DIY drop.

Shooting with your Painted Backdrops
Description: Now that our backdrops are dry, it’s time to experiment in front of the camera. Watch how Sue manipulates natural light with v-flats to make the backdrops appear differently and create different moods in her images, and how she improvises when an experiment doesn’t necessarily turn out the way she had planned. Sue also discusses how you can turn light more directional or stronger to enhance vignettes with a Kinoflo, strobe, or natural light.

Items Used:

  • V-flats


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Course content:

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