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In this global coronavirus situation, I understand how you feel with #WorkFromHome and our children doing their Home Learning, stay 24 hours with you every day.

You are not alone. I am not alone.

We are together and we pray day and night that our life can be returned to normal again very soon.

That’s why I pushed myself to create a new Skillshare class and I do hope you will spend your time watching my class shortly, take your iPad, and create the project that makes you smile and happy !.

Product Mockup is very important to show how our hand drawing will look like as a product.

If you are a beginner or you are an artist like me for a couple of years, this class will teach you easily :

  1. Understand how Paper (amazing drawing app and it’s free) works
  2. Using only one amazing drawing tool (paint roll) to create a simple and fun shape
  3. Drawing Basic, Organic, FreeStyle Line and Matisse Inspired Shapes
  4. Export drawing from iPad to Email or Airdrop
  5. Using Photoshop at a very beginning level
  6. Delete drawing background and be ready for mockup
  7. Create Storage Box Mockup
  8. Create Phone Case Mockup
  9. Create Children Dress Mockup

And you are ready to compile them as your Portfolio

What you need is only your iPad, Apple Pencil or Stylus or your fingers and Paper.

Paper is a simple but powerful drawing app. It’s free.

In this class, you won’t believe that we will use only one drawing tool namely Paint Roll Tool all through the class.

I also provide you with 3 Mockup Files : Storage Box, Phone Case, and Children Dress that you can download from my class.

Don’t wait ! Just take your iPad and start drawing.

I can’t wait for looking forward to your project submission, share it with other students and we will learn together.

PS : Paper previously is from Paper53. Last year Paper53 has been bought by WeTransfer, that’s why it’s now become paper by WeTransfer. The new company improved the features slightly. If you see my other iPad class, you will notice this improvement. It’s not a major one, so I am sure you can still follow my class.

StaySafe and Keep Drawing,



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Course Content:

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