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Step inside Monnow Valley studio with Andrew Scheps! In this series, the highly innovative mixer tackles the raw multi-track session of the song ‘Crossfire’ by alternative rock band Halloway. Despite having mixed the song prior, he does not use it as a reference – instead, he gives himself a blank canvas and mixes from scratch. Taking the original session as received from the band, Scheps prepares it with his own I/O, colour coding and template, then listens to the rough print and voices his plan of action. Beginning with drums and moving to guitars, bass, and vocals, Andrew guides you through his renowned parallel processing workflow in great detail. The entire mix is done fully ‘in the box’!

Rough print, colour coding, I/O setup, template import, group creation, VCAs, track placementPART 2
Mix window configuration, recording cymbals & drums shells separately, ideas, mix bussPART 3
Drums I/O, auxiliary sends, template walkthrough, kick drum processingPART 4
EQ, compression, distortion & effects on kick, snare, overheads, toms, roomsPART 5
Taming cymbal harshness, adding guitars & bass, snare cross stick, monitoring

Guitar & bass treatment, clip gain vs. level automation, delayed reverb effect

Vocal focus – routing, saturation, excitement, EQ, compression, spread, effects

Backing vocal filtering, compression, & level adjustments, overall tweaks

Control surface level rides on drums & guitars, mix finish, discussion of process

Andrew Scheps has an incredible career of achievements, which incorporates a credit list featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Michael Jackson, Robbie Robertson, Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop, U2, Jay-Z, and many more, as well as several Grammy Awards

Scheps’ work on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album Stadium Arcadium in 2005 was a turning point for his approach to engineering.


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