Summerana – Day to Dusk – composite editing workshop | File Size  508.5 MB| Free download

In this edit you will learn how to create a curved earth, day to night composite from scratch in Photoshop to create an imaginative storytelling image!

“While in Kentucky last summer I saw fireflies for the first time. I desperately want to show my children fireflies one day but they can’t be found here in the dry Colorado mountains. So… until the day I can take them to see real ones I used our Summerana fireflies to add magical fireflies to this image. Created using real fireflies, it was the perfect touch for this vision I had for this photo. I hope you love the tutorial.” – Shannon Squires Photography

You’ll learn advanced methods on how to get the curved earth effect, how to take an image taken during the day and turn it into dusk, how to add fireflies, turn yellow/green grass into a deep lush green color, how to composite in two different skies and blend them, remove distractions in the background such as trees and bushes, how to edit skin, brighten your subjects, remove flyaways, adjust your image’s color toning, add vibrancy and more through hand editing and using Summerana overlays! Edited using: Hand Editing + Photoshop


Day_to_Dusk_composite_editing_workshop.torrent   (download)
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Course content:


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