Dawns Sunburst by Ted Gore – Post Processing Tutorial | File Size  1.8 GB| Free download

As a part of Ted Gore’s Behind the Scenes Video Series, Dawns Sunburst introduces you to the complete workflow of on Ted’s most iconic images. The video covers the story behind the image, thoughts on the composition, color theory and capture, and the complete workflow of processing from start to finish.

Techniques taught and covered in Dawns Sunburst includes:

  • Capturing and creating beautiful twilight scenes
  • Focus stacking manually to maintain smart objects
  • Using smart objects to make local adjustments
  • Creating sidelight
  • … and dodging and burning to create dimension

Ted Gore is a renowned photographer and has been named USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015. Now you’ve got the chance to learn the workflow and ideology from one of the most respected photographers in the field.

Dawns Sunburst is an easy-to-follow video tutorial and Ted’s in-depth explanations leave you with a bunch of new, valuable information. Even if you’re a beginner to post processing, Ted’s explanations on color theory and composition alone will be worth getting this video.

A downsized project file is included in order for you to easily follow along throughout the video.

Instructor: Ted Gore
Duration: 1hr 41 Minutes
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop


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Course content: https://www.capturelandscapes.com/product/dawns-sunburst-video-tutorial/

Direct Download

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