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Sue LOVES photographing dancers. She sees something so beautiful in creating movement in photos and shaping their bodies in a way that give that gorgeous dancing look. She has been doing quite a few dancing shoots lately and decide to put together a series of photo shoots for you. Sue filmed several different looks for you including sitting positions, wrapping the girls in tulle, and in dancing positions using flowing fabric and pointe shoes.

See how Sue gets her gorgeous dancing photos in this beautiful series!

Key Points:

* When photographing a lean body in dancer shots like these, pushing the chin forward for slimming, but to get extension and length in the neck. I’m not trying to make her look thinner, but look longer like how a dancer extends.

* In the first look, Sue photographed Rayna using my Profoto strobes with a silver umbrella. It was quite a dark day and she wanted some directional light with this shoot.

* Be careful with dancers because their neck is so flexible that when doing the rotation shot, you don’t want her to bring her chin around so far that it looks like her head is on backwards.

* When doing a shoot like Sue has done with Kelly wrapped in the black tulle, you want that hourglass shape and length in her neck and chin.

* You’ll see in the video that Sue keeps moving the girls and takes a shot and keep moving them. You’ll see that once she finds something that she REALLY loves, she will take more than one shot and work that shot until it’s absolutely perfect. Sometimes it takes moving your client more and more to get that pose that makes you shout that you love it.


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