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CRYPTOWZRD is your place for Crypto Education, news, market updates, trade calls & the WZRD Platform. Our goal is to enlighten the world on how to generate a continuous profit from the cryptocurrency market and better themselves in all aspects of their life. Freedom for all.

Introducing the WZRD Platform, a custom web app developed in house with over 100 features. The WZRD Platform is home to an abundance of trading tools and educational content designed to transform the way you trade and live. Within the WZRD Platform we have the WZRD Education section, packed with a variety of different types of lessons, books, exams & more, this section provides you with everything you need to become a profitable trader.


Learning to conquer the art of trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market couldn’t be easier with us WZRDs. Home to 86 videos across seven chapters, you’ll be shown an entirely new world of cryptocurrency trading. The answers you’ve needed, how to catch those perfect sniper entries, how to grow a portfolio with ease, how to utilise stop losses to minimise risk and combine new strategies together to achieve long-term profitability. Learn to read the charts from all timeframes and have your portfolio growing in line with your margin trades.

That’s not all. The WZRD Education section has all angles covered. The Educational section alone houses 300+ examination questions and 9 books stored away in the Library. Each book teaches you the inner workings of the human mind and how to use this to become a dangerously accurate trader. All 3 educational avenues are interlinked with one another, allowing you to learn a skill for life much faster than the average. You will be brought on a journey of all-rounded growth that goes far beyond just trading.

Piece together the missing pieces of the puzzle to your trading and get ready to see revolutionary strategies and investment ideologies to take into the market and start generating an additional income. The books will show you annotated write ups of raw candlestick recognition to combine with your videos for easier learning. The main course book exceeding 31,000 words will teach you how to elevate your mindset and become emotionless on the charts, regardless of wins or losses.


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Crypto.part4.rar  (3.00 GB)
Crypto.part5.rar  (3.00 GB)
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Course content:

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