Cryptography Principles for IT Professionals and Developers By Michael Perry — Pluralsight — Free download

Although it appears complicated, cryptography is based on simple mathematics. This course will guide you through the theory and application of cryptography so that you will understand for yourself when it is used incorrectly and how to use it well.

Cryptography is at the heart of all information security, from administering infrastructure to writing secure code. To be effective, you need to understand how cryptography works and how far it can be trusted. In this course, Cryptography Principles for IT Professionals and Developers, you will learn to apply cryptographic algorithms to keep your systems safe. First, you will learn the nature of information and see how that understanding directly informs the tools that you choose. Next, you will apply those tools to protect secrets, documents, and systems under your control. Finally, you will explore how to create new tools by coding against cryptographic libraries in C# and Java. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of cryptography needed to select and apply the correct algorithms to build a complete cryptosystem, and keep your users safe.


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Course content:

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