Cryptography in Cyber Security with Python — Udemy — Last updated 10/2020 — Free download

Learn Cryptography in Modern Applications with Implementation in Python, Improve Your Information Security Skills

What you’ll learn

  • cryptography
  • cyber security
  • confidentiality
  • quantum computing
  • crypto in python


  • basic math
  • general computing


You can find basics of cryptography and learn Cryptographic Toolset implemented in Python.

Symmetric and asymmetric algorithms,;

  • AES,
  • Salsa20,
  • RSA,
  • DH,
  • ECDH,

Hash Functions:

  • SHA-1,
  • SHA-2,
  • SHA-3
  • MD5

Message Authentication Codes (MAC, HMAC, CMAC)

You can find answers to the questions?

  • Which one to use Block Cipher or Stream Cipher? When and Where?
  • Which Block Cipher to use? Alternatives.
  • Which Mode of Operation to use?
  • What is LFSR?
  • Why we need MAC functions?

Main focus will be cyber security means that you will not be drown in advanced math, our aim is not to be a cryptographer. That is more tied with math subjects like abstract algebra, number theory, finite fields and so on. You will get key principals of cryptography.

Implement security systems efficiently,

Enhance the reliability of the systems you are administering,

Improve your cyber security skills.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers
  • cyber security personnel
  • devsecops
  • security administrators
  • system administrators


Cryptography in Cyber Security with   (download)
2.29 GB

Course content:

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