CreativeLive – Wedding Photographer Survival Kit by Susan Stripling | File Size  7.0 GB| Free download

A Wedding Photographer’s Guide To Dealing With Difficult Situations.

When it comes to running your own wedding photography business, it’s not IF something will go wrong, but WHEN! In Wedding Photographer Survival Kit, Susan Stripling will help you handle all of those inevitable “whens” with grace, humor, and strength.

From scheduling disasters, to rooms with no windows, to reception halls with low ceilings, Susan will teach you the tips, tricks, and skills you need to survive wedding season unscathed.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create beautiful images in low light situations
  • Pose awkward clients for flattering photos
  • Deal with challenging family dynamics
  • Work in direct sunlight
  • Negotiate favorable contracts with difficult clients

After this class you’ll feel confident that, no matter how challenging the circumstances, you’ll be able to produce beautiful photographs and resolve issues quickly.Whether you’re just starting out or still find yourself fretting during difficult situations, Wedding Photographer Survival Kit with Susan Stripling will give you the skills you need to thrive.


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Course content:


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