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The remix is a dancefloor staple; the anticipation is almost palpable when you hear your favorite non-dance track inch its way into a mix. Learn how to make that magic happen from soundscape artist and DJ, Dave Pezzner.

Pezzner will teach you how take something that isn’t a dance track and turn it into one. In Making Remixes in FL Studio, you’ll learn how to isolate, chop up, and recombine elements from final mixes – no stems needed.

Using FL Studio as the “shell” DAW you’ll learn how to work with:

  • Native Instruments BATTERY and Kontakt for samples and drums
  • Mixed In Key for analyzing the source material
  • Native Instruments MASSIVE for basslines and leads

Pezzner will teach you how to figure out which key a song is in and show you how to come up with melodies and harmonies that are sonically consistent with the source material. You’ll also learn how to change the vibe of source material and come up with new drum and basslines that integrate seamlessly.

Whether you want to blend source material with your original material or just make remixes that keep the vibe flowing, you’ll learn how to do it right in FL Studio from veteran DJ, Pezzner.


CreativeLive Making Remixes in FL Studio with Dave Pezzner TUTORiAL…   (download)
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Making Remixes in FL Studio with Dave   (download)
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No seeds or peer connected for this torrent. I have premium sundryshare account. Would have been much better if I could download the files directly from sundryshare instead of torrent. Torrent files seldom work as far as I have tried on this site.

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Let’s see if we would do next couple of day 🙂