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Join creativeLIVE for a five-day immersion into the lighting theory, techniques, and methods essential to creating jaw-dropping, beautiful photographs. True photographic talent is illuminated through the use of light and lighting techniques.

Taught by award-winning, world-renowned photographers, this series of courses will give you a skill set for finding (or creating) the perfect light in any environment. You’ll learn about studio lighting, quick location lighting, off-camera flash, natural and ambient light control, and lighting modifiers. You’ll explore fashion lighting essentials, photojournalism, reverse-engineering setups, flash techniques, and how to create your own unique lighting style. Once you’ve mastered these key concepts, you’ll have the confidence you need to approach lighting in new and creative ways, further defining your style as a photographer.

Included Classes:

  • Creative Studio Lighting with Lindsay Adler
  • Speedlights with Roberto Valenzuela
  • Natural Light Control with Tony Corbell
  • Quick Location Lighting with Rick Friedman
  • Hack Your Light with Chuck Arlund


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Course content:

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