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Following on from his beginner’s guide ‘The Art of Sampling’, which covers all of the fundamentals of how to sample, ‘Creative Sampling Techniques’ sees certified trainer Rob Jones applying different sampling methodology in original ways to produce all of the musical parts in a Glitch Electronica track within Ableton Live. Whilst the 2 courses work together well as a sequence, producers with sampling experience already may prefer to dive straight in with this set of tutorials, offering more advanced inspiration and tips to develop their workflow.

Starting proceedings with a kick and snare groove, powerful drums are constructed using various layering techniques, with unusual foley incorporated to add unique textures to an otherwise simplistic break. To this, Rob adds undulating bass, created from a single sample, shaped and modulated in differing ways to show how many possibilities can arise from a basic oneshot. Similarly, a vocal is taken in several directions, with one featuring tempo-locked stuttering whilst another employs more drastic time-stretching envelopes.

Multiple velocity-modulation assignments are then used to create a melodic groove from a complex orchestral sample, whilst other acoustic and synthesised samples are woven together to make pulsing pads and syncopated, arpeggiated leads. After switching to the arrangement area to start laying out parts, Rob introduces two additional samples, showing how to convert one to MIDI for stacking up other samples on top, and how to transform and resample another, for creating more experimental vocal phrases to sing along to the groove.

Included with the 2 hours of streamed tutorials are the Ableton Live project from the course and a bonus 100MB pack of samples, allowing students to more closely inspect the track and try out techniques with a new collection of sounds. Before signing up, check out the free sample module from the course and listen to the arrangement on Producertech’s SoundCloud page.


Creative Sampling   (download)
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