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Whether you’re a professional or you just take photographs for fun, it’s hard to resist the allure of creative portrait photography.

Nature, landscapes, everyday objects are compelling…but there’s just something about the human form that cries out to be captured in a photographic image.

Catching that unique essence creatively in a photo can prove elusive, though.

After all, each person is so different. Each stage of life has its own magic. A different skill is needed for a creative family portrait than what you need to take a photo of a solitary person brooding under a tree.

And there are so many other dynamics that can affect your portrait photography. The lighting. The weather. Even your interactions with your model can influence the result.

If only there were a quick and easy way to learn all the nuances of professional creative portrait photography. But classes all seem long, expensive and well…just plain boring.

Not to mention, it’s hard to find anyone with the necessary credentials or expertise to give you the knowledge base you need.

What you really need is an expert in the field to quickly and easily provide insider tips to the ins and outs of creative portrait photography.

But where can you find something like that?

The creative portrait photography course you’ve been waiting for

Award-winning portrait photographer Bernie Raffe has created this video course to give you everything you need to master creative portrait photography.

You will learn how to create the photography you desire, both indoors and out.

By the time you finish the course, you will have acquired such a range of techniques that you will never again freeze up in the presence of a model, wondering what to do next.

And no need to worry if you’re a complete novice when it comes to creative portrait photography. This course will quickly give you the basics, and then propel you into more advanced skills with confidence.

You will discover new ways to make the most of live sessions with your models. You will learn how to pose your models in ways that make them appear relaxed. And you will learn the basics of lighting, both natural and window light, indoor and outdoor.

These are just a few of the practical skills that you can acquire in this video course.

Best of all, the format allows you to go completely at your own pace. You can pause as many times as you want, and you can replay any segment that you need to review.

A full repertoire of creative portrait photography skills

Here are the special features that you’ll find within this video series.

  • The fundamentals of portrait lighting and lighting patterns
  • New ways of taking photos of individuals on location in live sessions
  • Relaxed methods for taking photos of families and children in live sessions
  • 17 hilarious live tips for getting great expressions from families and children
  • How to pose people to make them look relaxed
  • Footage of live maternity sessions with an 8 month pregnant mum-to-be
  • Specialist ideas for amazing portraits

The course includes a total of 10 sections. They are:

  • Course Introduction.
  • Beautiful Portraits Using Window Light. How to shoot parallel to the window, directly into it, or with the window behind your subject.
  • Location Sessions in a Rural Environment. How to create an Alpine look, add depth, and use natural light and off-camera flash in a variety of settings.
  • Location Sessions in an Urban Environment. Live sessions reveal how to shoot outside office buildings and in other gritty city scenes, using TopShade and Dramatic Light
  • Expressions and Posing Discussions. Use of negative space, the benefits of landscape orientation for portraits, and 17 funny tips for expressions.
  • Families and Children – Live Sessions in the Park. A lively inside look at working with families and children.
  • Maternity Photography. Beautiful live session, featuring a variety of poses in various states of dress and undress.
  • On-Camera Flash. Moody, creative lighting using “the Black, Foamy Thing.”
  • Off Camera Flash. Creative sessions featuring film noir, rainy indoor shots, and a shopping bag.
  • Course Conclusion


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