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Photography Course – become a better photographer fast by learning the composition skills of the master photographers

Become a better photographer fast by learning the composition skills of the master photographers!

Learn How To Become A Better Photographer

Do you want to learn how to be a better photographer?

Do you want to learn the compositional techniques that the great masters like Henri Cartier Bresson and Ansel Adams used in their everyday art photography?

Do you want to learn the simple principles that are used in commercial photography and street photography?

Do you want to learn these techniques and principles quickly and easily?

Learn To Observe Light And Compose An Image

Very few photographers ever learn how to observe light and use it. Even less learn how the principles of composition actually work and how you can apply them.

What Is Covered In The Course?

The course covers the following subjects:


  • Seeing the light
  • Controlling the light
  • Capturing the light
  • Processing the light
  • Candid / street photography


  • Rule of thirds
  • Leading lines
  • Points of contrast
  • Adding or subtracting in the frame
  • Shapes and patterns
  • The power of 3
  • Negative space
  • Breaking the rules


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Course content:

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