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Instagram is a powerful form of visual brand expression. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, blogger, content creator or influencer, this class will help you outline your Instagram strategy regardless of your niche.

In this course you will learn how to create captivating Instagram content. This class covers the basics of account set up, Instagram photography and editing tips, how to use analytics to make sure you are creating Instagram content that people will actually see, how to provide value to your followers, building your community on Instagram, how to avoid common mistakes when using Instagram, how to monetize your Instagram, apps/websites that will make your life much easier, and much more.

As this course is applicable to everyone interested in creating Instagram content, I cover examples that include clothing companies, hair stylists, fitness and travel influencers, bloggers, and more to make sure it is applicable to everyone. I also include specific examples from my own Instagram account as well as pictures from my blog in the portions about photography and editing.

Some of the apps and websites referenced in this course include Canva, Tailwind, Planoly, Snapseed, Lightroom, and Everlinks. These resources will help improve your efficiency and style when creating Instagram content. These resources will also be incredibly helpful with your other social media pages outside of Instagram as well.

In the class project, we will focus on feed aesthetic with 9 posts that look good together as well as define the goal for the Instagram account. This goal will help shape our Instagram content going forward and pre-planning content will help take the pressure off of having to post on Instagram.

From the creator:

I am excited to have you join this course on Creating Captivating Instagram Content. While I have had an Instagram account for many years, I spent the last two years really perfecting my content creation strategies for the app and I am thrilled to share these with you.

Thanks for joining me!



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