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Find Fulfilling Work.

Does your work feel soul-sucking instead of fulfilling? Are you ready to transition into a career that excites you? Join Michelle Ward for an exploration in uncovering the skills, passions, and strengths that will help you create the life you’ve always aspired to live.

In this course you’ll learn how play can (and should) inform your career choice and steer you towards a career you love. You’ll explore how personality and lifestyle can guide you towards the career that’s right for you. Michelle will help you identify the fears holding you back and devise strategies to prevent them from stifling you in the future. You’ll identify the core skills you already have and target opportunities for cultivating new strengths.

Whether you’re unclear about what your true passion is, feel like you could never pick just one thing, or are simply unsure of where to start, this course will put you on right track to creating your dream career.


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