You can get free download link shared of the topic Create Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces using JavaScript of Udemy.

Students in this course will learn to make Clock Faces for your Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch from Scratch to Deployment with no prior experience!

You will learn 

  • This course will introduce lessons that help you build Custom Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch Clock Faces.
  • You will be more able to Display Time, Date, Day, and so on.
  • You can Get and Display Steps, Floors climbed, Distance Travelled at your own comfortable zone.
  • It will be easy for you to control and display Heart Rate.
  • This course will teach you some method to manage Battery Charge condition and Draw SVG elements based on value.
  • After every of our lesson, you will be able to Publish Clock Face on the Fitbit App Gallery.


  • It is a requirement that you have to possess Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch.
  • Machines that installed Fitbit App.
  • Students need to create their own Fitbit Account.
  • Laptop with web browser.
  • Internet access.
  • It will be preferable to own some Basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Course name Create Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces using JavaScript
Official source: Udemy
Language English
Teacher Barry Michael Doyle
Duaration 2 Hours
Last updated: 1/5/2019
Lesson 24 lessons
Total size 0.2 GB
Type Video Online
Create Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces using JavaScript Files – Free download


Create Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces using JavaScript Download
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