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Are you an artist, maker, creative entrepreneur, and/or Etsy seller who looooves Instagram, but doesn’t know what to post every day?

I totally get it.

We are told by many “social media experts” that we should have a business-only Instagram account, and we should be posting to it 1-3 times daily.




With everything else we have on our plates (like every small and large aspect of owning our own business, plus family, friends, and sometimes even a 9 to 5 job, not to mention a social life! Is there still such a thing?) coming up with ideas of what to post on Instagram can feel overwhelming. Or, maybe even worse, it can become the last thing on your to-do list… you know, that one that hardly ever gets done.

So what happens then?

✘ Maybe you post something off-brand just for the sake of posting something.
✘ Maybe you throw something together, but it doesn’t get many likes or comments (or any at all!)
✘ Or maybe you just don’t post at all…

Well, I hear you, and I feel your pain.

So I came up with 30 days worth of prompts for what to post to Instagram: specifically for makers, artists, creative entrepreneurs and Etsy sellers. It’s called:

“Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers and artists”

In this class I give you 30 ideas for “what to post?!” So you never have to guess again. I show photos of these post ideas in action: giving you real-life examples of makers, artists and creatives who are nailing it, and I discuss why the prompts WORK when it comes to creating a dedicated, engaged audience on Instagram, and more.

But this class offers so much more than just 30 days worth of ideas: It will actually help teach you how to train your own “eye” and come up with ideas for branded, captivating photos that will help you engage more with your current followers, get more new followers, and actually sell what you make because of it!

Plus, if you don’t like my first idea? I give you at least one “bonus” prompt every single day! It actually ends up being almost 80 prompts!

Don’t just take my word for it… here is what some previous course members have said:

“… By doing your series you inspired me to expand our brand. For the last three years we have made products, but over the last six months we stepped back and evaluated what we need to do to create a better brand. We are stepping outside JUST making our product and figuring out what else we can offer our customers.

Thank you for being my unintentional role model. I wasn’t looking for the inspiration you provided, it just sought me out, hunted me down, and took over my creative brain.

You are doing such a great job and you are good at your craft. Keep up the good work, friend!” -Ashley from

“Thank you so much Jules! This is awesome. I am at just under 200 followers and I think with your wisdom and helpful tips I can make some big changes for the year ahead and start to generate some income from Instagram. You are a great inspiration and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and ideas with us.”- Jill from Social Butterfly Designs

The best part? It also comes with these FREE bonus materials:

➫ A printable weekly worksheet to plan and measure the success of your Instagram Posts
➫ Two fun printable lists to collect your favorite hashtags AND your brilliant ideas!

So what are you waiting for? Watch “Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers and artists” now, and create a beautifully branded Instagram feed, and never run out of ideas for “what to post?!” again!


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Course content:

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