Create Abstract NFT Crypto Art with Cinema 4D + Photoshop by Pete Maric — SkillShare — Free download

Welcome to this course on Creating Abstract NFT Crypto Art Using Cinema 4D + Photoshop.

In this series of lessons we will cover a lot of topics to give you a solid understanding of the crypto art space including:

01. The creative and technical process involved in creating crypto art with an overview of 4 pieces covering 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and post-production.

  • 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D: Splines, Sweep Nurbs, Loft Nurbs, Mograph, Clone to Object, Effectors, Array Generator.
  • Texturing workflows for consistency using standard materials color, reflectance, and luminance channels.
  • Sketch and Toon shader.
  • Directional, spot, area and visible light settings.
  • Post-Production techniques in Adobe Photoshop including compositing multi-pass and cel renders, file organization, masking, light effects, and adjustment layers.

02. Resources for educating yourself about the crypto art space and cryptocurrency.

  • Web Links
  • Articles
  • Crypto Art Podcasts
  • Cryptocurrency Basics
  • Art Genres
  • Top Artists

03. Potential risks you may encounter.

  • High fees: Ethereum Fee + Gas Fees + Minting Fee
  • Failed transactions
  • Missing artwork and solution.

04. Submit your artist profile to various curated websites.

  • Includes an actionable checklist of to-do items.
  • Discussion of curated online galleries.

05. Creating your first NFT.

  • Metamask
  • Wyre
  • Rarible

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Course Content:

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