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Hannah shows you how to create beautiful, natural looking images by mixing ambient light and flash. In the first scenario Hannah photographs a local coffee shop owner in a small indoor space. She demonstrates bouncing techniques with an on-camera flash and how to create early morning sunlight with gels. Shooting a fitness blogger in the second outdoor park scenario, we see how flash allows us to shoot in any situation or weather. Hannah sees what she can do using available light and then introduces flash to increase her creative options, such as choosing direction of light and background.

Lighting skill level: Basic

Duration: 56 min

Discover how to:

  • Use bouncing techniques with an on-camera flash
  • Simulate a sunrise or sunset using CTO gel with flash
  • Assess available light and the best location for the most flattering shoot
  • Choose the type and direction of light with your flash
  • Shape the light easily with an off-camera flash
  • Control the ambient light using the shutter speed

    Essential information

    Here are some things that are good to know, as well as useful gear to use for this course. These are simply recommendations, not requirements.

    Recommended gear

    • 1 x light for on and off-camera use
    • 1 x umbrella or similar light modifier of choice

    Useful knowledge

    • Lighting skill level: Basic
      • No or little experience of off-camera lighting
      • Want to start exploring simple lighting techniques
    • Camera skill level: Comfortable handling the camera in manual mode


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Course content:

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