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Composing Boldly With Light

how to find and utilize light creatively, for striking imagery

A breakout with Click & Company from Alice Che and Melina Nastazia

Do you want to learn how to use light more creatively? Do you want to feel confident you can find beautiful light even outside of golden hour? Join Alice and Melina as they teach you to master many of the most difficult types of light such as dappled light, artificial light and direct light. You’ll learn how to incorporate beautiful shadow patterns in your work by finding pockets of light for your subjects or using other techniques like backlighting. Alice and Melina will show you examples of unusual artificial light sources—sculptures, street lights, fountains, and lanterns— and how to get flattering light out of them. In a beautifully laid-out PDF filled with inspirational images and detailed how-to instruction, Alice and Melina will share their secrets to using light boldly for a striking composition.

In addition to covering uncommon types of light, Alice and Melina also share their personal take on golden hour backlighting, including how to create gorgeous silhouettes. You’ll also learn how to use haze and flare creatively to enhance the atmosphere and emotional impact of your photographs. They’ll also focus on window light and uncover the many ways one window can be used to create beautiful images. Watch as they demonstrate how to modify and manipulate any light source to achieve beautiful light.

This breakout is packed with information, tips and advice that will give you the confidence to spot gorgeous light at any time of day to strengthen your compositions. Regardless of where you are in your journey, this breakout will teach you how to see light differently. You will be inspired and empowered to use light in ways you never have before! Join Alice and Melina and begin your own personal journey of Composing Boldly with Light.


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