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Have you ever looked at a polished image and wondered how the retoucher achieved that color grade? In this tutorial Sef McCullough reverse engineers images and shows how to recreate a specific grade.

There are several approaches to color grading, but unfortunately, too many of the techniques used by photographers and retouchers are destructive and deteriorate the image quality.

Throughout this tutorial Sef goes over non-destructive methods to color grade for commercial imagery, provides insight on color theory, and helps expand your creativity when working on an image. Sef approaches his work by first analyzing the colors that are actually in the image, and not just the ones we perceive with our eyes.

This advanced color grading workflow will allow you to create stunning color in your images without degrading the quality.


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Course content: https://proedu.com/products/commercial-color-grading-for-photoshop-with-sef-mccullough-an-advanced-workflow-tutorial-for-adobe