Color Theory for Landscape Photography — Ted Gore — Free download

This course is an in depth series covering the idea of color theory and how it pertains to landscape photography and how we can use it to make the color in our images better and more harmonious. This course will thoroughly explain what color theory is, exp lain and show examples of all of the different types of color harmony are, present the idea of the context of nature and what we can do to avoid altering colors in images too much, and explore the illusion of relative color and how it might sometimes trick us into making bad color choices. This course will also look at practical application of color theory to landscape photography by introducing the Adobe color tool for analyzing out images color palletes, going through each color of the spectrum and explai ning specific issues we face with landscape photography with those colors, and show specific examples of how color theory was used to tweak color palletes of images to make them more harmonious

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Good, thank you! Any chance you could upload “Purple Poison” by Ted Gore?


Can you upload Purple Poison from Ted Gore?


can u upload complete series of ted gore please ?


The link doesn’t load for some reason


link is broken.. pls check..


Still not working, any chance to get this one fixed?


the link does not work. Thanks a lot


Any chanced this is going to be reuploaded any time soon?


Course Digger

Please be patient!

Course Digger

File uploaded!