Clo 3D Basics – Learn 3D Fashion Design – Create Clothes from Home – CAD Flats – Marvelous Designer by Digital Fashion Tutor — SkillShare — Free download

  • Want to design clothes from home?
  • Want to visualise your ideas quickly by rendering a realistic 3D model in seconds?
  • Want to work sustainably and waste less fabric?
  • Want to make cool animations? for social media and advertising campaigns?
  • Want to see different variations of your design concepts quickly without having to make lots of physical prototypes?
  • Want to learn the basics of cloth simulation?

… Then learn the basics of Clo 3D with me! (Scroll down for screenshot images)


– Cloth Simulation – 3D Fashion Design – The Basics of Clo 3D and Marvelous Designer – Simulate your ideas in Clo 6.0 – Sustainable Fashion – Manufacturing Workflow –

This course covers all of the basics of Clo 3D and Marvelous Designer, the best virtual clothing simulation programs in the fashion, gaming and animation industries. (Clo and Marvelous Designer are essentially the same program, built by the same company. I explain the difference in this course.)

If you don’t have Clo 3D installed, download the free trial of the software.

You can also follow along with Marvelous Designer installed. 

After this course you will understand the interface and basic functionalities. We will learn:

  • Adding avatars
  • Interface Basics
  • Navigation Controls
  • Adding Garments
  • Adjusting Garments
  • Creating Garments / Tracing a pattern
  • Sewing Garments
  • Developing Garments – Add a Hood, Add Pockets
  • Colour Garments and Apply Fabrics
  • Prepare for export
  • Rendering 
  • Clo-set
  • Outro / Challenge

Important! Clo and Marvelous Designer are essentially the same. Clo is marketed towards fashion designers and Marvelous Designer is marketing to the gaming and animation industries. They are made by the same company and use the same core technology, the icons are just a different colour and there are a couple of different functions. Meaning you can apply the skills you learn in this course to both programs.

DOWNLOAD   (download)
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Course content:

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