Classical Metal Guitar You Can Actually Play — Udemy — Last updated 3/2020 — Free download

Mozart Metal
What you’ll learn
  • 10 Classical Themes arranged for Metal Guitar
  • Scales, chords and Arpeggios used in Classical Style Metal Guitar
  • Moderate tapping
  • Drop D tuning
  • Late beginner to early advanced guitar
  • Ability to read guitar tablature


This course is a collection of ten of the most recognisable classical music themes arranged for Rock and Metal Guitar. Unlike other courses that set unrealistic goals, this course includes arrangements that are challenging yet attainable by any intermediate guitarist. Each arrangement includes a detailed lesson, printable tablature, printable fretboard diagrams and backing tracks. Themes included are Beethoven’s Fur Elise, 5th Symphony and 9th Symphony, Bach’s Toccata in Dm, Greig’s In the Hall of the Mountain King, Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turka, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Symphony #40. Also included are The Barber of Seville, dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. This is hands down the best video course on playing Classical Metal.

Who this course is for:

  • Late beginner to early advanced guitar students who want to learn to employ classical themes in their playing
  • Guitar players who are frustrated with other “Classical Metal” courses that require overly advanced capabilities


Classical Metal Guitar You Can Actually   (download)
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Course content:

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This is terrible. There is no insight to technique. It is basically “Baa Baa Black Sheep” level of slow playing except the songs happen to be classical.