Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne – Cinema Mastery – Free download

Cinema Mastery gives filmmakers the education they need to create cinematic commercial films and attract high-paying clients.

It’s 2019. A new kind of filmmaker is emerging. The landscape is changing by the minute. With an ever-decreasing barrier to entry, the industry is now beginning to favor independent production companies, small crews, and freelance filmmakers. We’re on a mission to help filmmakers navigate this new industry, using new technology to create amazing cinematic videos and run a highly-profitable filmmaking business.

Create cinematic videos

Learn the tools and techniques for creating beautiful, cinematic videos for your clients

Charge top dollar

Charge thousands of dollars for your work and build a 6- or 7-figure production company

Master your craft

Get mentorship and feedback from professional working commercial filmmakers


Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part01.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part02.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part03.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part04.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part05.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part06.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part07.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part08.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne.part09.rar   (download)
227.97 MB

Course content:

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when the Adobedownload is going live again? or any new domain? 🥺🥺

Course Digger

go to buddy 🙂


The third compressed package error


Please rename and re-upload the third file to match the rest. Right now it gives error while extracting.

Mr Sai

Sorry we have updated


The third link is pointing to a wrong package.

Mr Sai

Sorry we have updated

Chandra K

3rd file is erroneous, Please correct and reupload.

Course Digger

New files will be updated soon.

Course Digger

New files updated!

piyush goyani

The third link is pointing to a wrong package.

Course Digger

We are working on this.


THIS is Not Cinema Mastery by Eric Thayne

This is Fulltime Filmmaker – Travel Video Pro
PLZ check video below

Last edited 7 months ago by mohankumar
Course Digger

Deeply thank for your report, we will update new files.





please inform

Course Digger


shreeram vt

Hello Mohan, this is shreeram – can you share the files that you have downloaded, i tried many times and its not woking at all. Thanks from chennai.


6th pakage is damage. Please re upload.

Course Digger

You should download the 6th pack again.


even paying the 2 years, download its do slow 80kb per file… tried to contact sundryshare and no luck

Course Digger

This is the disk I/O issue during the peak time. Please comeback and download the files later: