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Hannah creates a variety of different looks for her images by adapting and using different elements in her surroundings. She also shows how to work fast and light when time is short and you’re on your own without an assistant. In the first scenario, Hannah shows how to dramatically change the look of your photos quickly and easily, by turning an office into her own studio. She cleverly changes the environment by using different backgrounds and a softbox, as well as HSS to kill the ambient light. Then Hannah takes her subject outdoors so she can include landmarks from the London skyline in her images. You’ll see how to mix ambient light with flash and create a perfectly exposed corporate portrait outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Lighting skill level: Basic

Duration: 58 min

Discover how to:

  • Change the environment and use it to create different styles for your portraits
  • Shoot fast with minimal gear when time’s short and you’re working on your own
  • Remove the ambient background in a busy office space and make it black
  • Use rim light in order to separate the subject from a dark background
  • Create a studio style portrait using a softbox for the background
  • Shoot using HSS to overpower the sunlight

Essential information

Here are some things that are good to know, as well as useful gear to use for this course. These are simply recommendations, not requirements.

Recommended gear

  • 2 x lights for on and off-camera use (1 x with HSS)
  • 1 x large softbox
  • 1 x beauty dish or similar light modifier of choice

Useful knowledge

  • Lighting skill level: Basic
    • No or little experience of off-camera lighting
    • Want to start exploring simple lighting techniques
  • Camera skill level: Comfortable handling the camera in manual mode


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Course content:

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