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You can accomplish a lot of photographic goals without needing a photo studio. But for many types of shooting, a studio is essential. Fortunately, building one doesn’t have to be expensive. In this course, photographer and educator Ben Long details two scenarios for building an in-house photo studio. In the first scenario, he explores a professional studio. Ben explains how the business of a photography studio works, what you’ll need to consider when designing and outfitting a studio space, and what you can do to ease day-to-day use. In the second scenario, he shows how to turn a “found” space into a temporary studio. In this case, he takes over a conference room to shoot a collection of headshots and products. For each scenario, Ben details the gear you’ll want—from lighting to backdrops—as well as all the other technical and practical concerns that go into creating a studio.

Topics include:

  • How the business of a photography studio works
  • Storage solutions for a photo studio
  • Building out a temporary studio
  • Room options for a temporary photo studio
  • Portable backdrop options and setup
  • Determining what lights and other gear you need
  • Working with a hair and makeup artist
  • Insurance and releases for a studio


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