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Introducing a Timeless Method Proven to Work

In a recent article, Inc. Magazine reported on LinkedIn’s $1.5 billion acquisition of e-learning platform lynda com.

The article went on to state:

Online Learning has quietly become a $107 billion industry .
In the 21st century, teaching sells. And all we have to say about that is . well, duh.
Back in 2007, before most people had even heard of an online course, Brian Clark (Copyblogger founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital) pioneered an effective approach to succeeding in the online education space.

With his landmark course “Teaching Sells,” Brian helped thousands of online entrepreneurs discover just how profitable online courses could be, when approached with the right mindset and strategy.

Now, in the decade since then the world has certainly changed, but the principles remain the same.
(In fact, if you look back through history, these principles have deep roots in philosophy, psychology, sales, marketing, and every other aspect of human interaction.)
And right now you have a chance to get your piece of the $107 billion e-learning market and float your boat on the rising tide.
As long as you begin in a sustainable and profitable way.
Unfortunately, many marketers miss the point.

They focus on a specific course or program. They ignore the “holy grail of marketing” that leads to a higher total lifetime value of the customer. This leads to a short-sighted approach that overlooks the importance of creating an interactive learning environment.
When you succeed in creating an interactive learning environment, instead of just selling a course, you create lifelong learners who instantly trust you and will pay more for access to knowledge through you.

Can you see why this is clearly the smarter way to build an online training business? It just makes sense.

Another side benefit is you can actually feel good about what you’re doing because you will see the results in the lives of your customers and hear amazing stories of how your course made a difference.

You can have all of this if you choose to create and market courses using instructional design as your framework.


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