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Create an ‘inner circle’ for your clients

While many people have heard about Facebook groups or even started one for their business, how do you use yours to make your clients feel special, connected with you and each other?

VIP Facebook groups are more than a fan page, they are a community of your followers. Learn all about creating your perfect one in this course.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to use groups as a form of deeper marketing based on personal connections, & mutual interests with your clients
  • How to show clients a bit of yourself but not the whole package
  • How to make clients feel connected


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Course content: https://ips-mastermind.thinkific.com/courses/vip-facebook-groups

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Linda McCleary Gifford

Hi I am taking the Build your brand with Tony this week

Linda McCleary Gifford

How do I do my home work?


Can you upload this to the server for Direct Download? Nobody is sharing this torrent…


Hi there, can you please upload a diriect link, or a zip file for us please. Thanks


Hi there, can you please put up a downloadable zip or rar file for us, Please. Thanks a Mill