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No Coding Required! Create a Professional Photography Website where you can sell your work and maximize your profits!

What is this course about?

Any Photographer that would like to sell their pictures online soon finds out that not only are there quite a few prepackaged services available, but that most of them are not quite the complete package and they can be fairly expensive to operate. They are either missing the eCommerce/Sales functionality, or that is all they have and they are missing the general website pages your business also needs. Not having a big budget to pay for development or the skills to build their own solution many Photographers end up with only a partial/incomplete solution.

This course not only solves this problem but it will also help you maximize your profits.

I have been selling my work online since 2007 and have tried all of the products on the market and will show you the easiest, most cost effective solution available. No coding is required, we use only drag and drop functions and there are not any out of pocket costs – yes you will be able to build and have your business up and running for free and in less than 90 minutes!

What Types of Photographers id this for?

I will show you how to build an online solution that supports all types of Photography Business Models and interest/experience levels including:

– Wedding Photographers
– Portrait Photographers
– Senior Photographers
– Fine Art Photographers
– Hobbyists

Specifically, this course will teach you:

– How to create an Awesome Professional Website and Blog using Weebly.
– How to create and integrate Awesome Online Galleries using Pixieset into your newly created website.
– Why choose this course over other courses?

This is the only Course teaching this specific solution for Photographers!
It uses all simple drag and drop design!


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Course content:

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