Build a Java SE Desktop App with Swing, Spring and MySQL — Udemy — Last updated 8/2020 — Free download

Create a Desktop based Game using Java, Spring Boot, Mysql and Swing | Learn Java by building a real game

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of creating a game using Java Swing
  • Understand how to structure an application and define separate components based on requirements
  • Create a graphical user interface using Java Swing
  • Learn the basics of interacting with a MySQL database
  • Define several Swing related components and understand how to work with them


  • You should have basic knowledge on Java and Spring Framework
  • Know how to setup a MySQL instance on your local environment
  • Have a basic knowledge on Java Swing technology


I am happy to present you the step by step process of building a complete Hangman/Guess the word game simulator by using Java programming language.

In the following sections, you will get to interact with multiple components that are part of the Java Swing Framework, such as:

  • JFrame
  • JPanel
  • MouseAdapter
  • ActionListener
  • JMenu
  • JLabel
  • any many more

In terms of development, we will use one of the most popular frameworks on the market, that is Spring Boot, and as a database to store our data, we will connect Spring Boot with MySQL as a relational database.


!!! Course has been updated in terms of explaining the entire flow (in a step-by-step manner) – of building the complete system !!!


Course Overview:

  • define a Java application using Spring Boot Framework;
  • setup a MySQL connection that will be required to retrieve random words from our database;
  • initialize all Spring related components that will allow working with MySQL by using Spring Data JPA technology
  • build the graphical user interface for our application
  • Please note that you have attached the source code of the project to just import it into your favorite IDE (I use under this course Spring Tool Suite IDE)



Who this course is for:

  • Every student that wants to learn how to create a simple game using Java


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Course content:

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