Brazilian Portuguese For Beginners — Udemy — Free download

A Course For English Speakers

What you’ll learn

  • Basic Brazilian Portuguese language elements
  • Essential communication skills
  • Exercises for practice
  • Pronunciation
  • Brazilian culture
  • Travel tips


  • No


English speakers who wish to learn the basics of Brazilian Portuguese can learn the first elements of the language to be able to understand and communicate at a beginner’s level. Also featuring a bit of the cultural aspects of Brazil. I am a Brazilian-American Professional Photographer born in Rio de Janeiro, and living in Florida. I have worked as an ESL teacher and translator for many years.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC SPECIAL NOTE: I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. Although physically apart, we must all come together. I am sending my wishes of health, compassion and kindness to everyone around our planet. We can do this.

– Luisa

Who this course is for:

  • English speakers who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese.


Brazilian Portuguese For   (download)
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Course Content:

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