Brad Carlton’s Guitar Lab: Ear Training Vol. 4 — Truefire — Free download

A Systematic Approach for Developing Your Ear and Knowing Where Pitch is Located on the Fretboard

This course will give you a systematic approach for developing your ear and also for knowing where a pitch is located on the fretboard. You’ll be presented with principles including intervals, bass notes, and diatonic triads. Each of these topics will apply to a question and answer format where you’ll be presented with a pitch or chord, and will then be asked to find it on the sixth string. I’ll then give you the correct answer along with any pertinent information about the process involved in finding that pitch or chord.

In the fourth volume of Guitar Lab: Ear Training. I will demonstrate various modes and their respective harmonies. It’s your job to guess which ones I’m playing, using only your ear. Ready?

Grab your guitar and let’s get started.

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Course content:

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Kadhja Bonet

good information