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Boudoir sessions are one of the hottest (get it?) trends in the photog world. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of boudoir photos or have been doing these sessions for a while, one way to help sell more sessions is to provide all the information to your clients in an easy-to-read format.

That’s where our Boudoir Welcome Packet comes into play. This magazine-style guide is packed with pertinent information designed to sell you more sessions. It includes pre-written studio introductory text with a fun, brief history on boudoir photos, a “what’s boudoir photography” spread, a “getting glam for your session” spread, and an FAQ spread with answers already included. It also features a 3-package pricing spread with a la carte items, all priced according to standard professional printing costs.

In other words? We’ve totally made your life easier.

Our welcome packets are an easy – and quick — way to present helpful information to potential clients. The more information they have from you, the more likely they are to book. Everything is thoughtfully designed and written and, the best part, it’s all customizable! Fill it with your studio photography, your bio, and your client reviews and you’ll be ready to go!

Not sure what to say? No problem! We have even included sample text so all you need to do is change out your studio name and basic information. We have taken care of the rest for you!

Oh, and get this: you can have this entire guide printed or send it out electronically. Printed versions are perfect for fair or festival booths, leaving around at local eateries or establishments or for mailing. The e-versions are also super convenient. Just attach the guide in an email to any potential client who has questions about your services and watch your calendar fill up. 


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Boudoir Magazine Welcome Packet   (download)
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