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In this DVD, photographer Primo Tacca Neto teaches the entire process of producing a book for ordinary people, from the first contact with the client, model direction tricks to the creative use of light to obtain incredible results.

You will learn, in the smallest details, how to produce a test from scratch and obtain professional results with inexperienced models to pose in front of the camera. In six practical demonstrations, the author shows how to define looks, make costumes, choose makeup and direct models. In addition, Primo Tacca Neto also teaches, in a practical way, how to assemble the seven most used light schemes in book production: 45 degree light, 90 degree light, backlight, direct reflector, paramount light, high key and low key.

The author reveals some practical and careful tips to adapt the work according to the profile of each person, correct the clients’ posture, choose the best equipment and define what are the ideal characteristics of the studio.


A book production team
Production and makeup
Lighting equipment
Cameras and lenses
Customer profile
Studio size
Model direction
Basic light
Lighting schemes
Photo analysis

The experience with photography opened doors so that – about five years ago – this young photographer was featured in the best magazines in the country. The relationship between the photographic act and fashion is not new. Always in contact with art, he traveled through areas that allowed him to find his form of expression in photography.

Music, visual arts, literature served as inspiration and as he says – I always had a foot in art. Behind the lens of the young photographer, the images reveal the creativity to transform open, urban and natural spaces into scenarios for campaigns by catarinense brands. In her personal baggage she brought a proactive style, courage, determination, dedication and eternal observation, not only for the feminine form, but also for the details. In the professional backpack, it carries constant updates and specializations, in addition to the continuous exercise of deconstructing the look.


Book em Estúdio – Primo Tacca   (download)
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Course content:

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