Blending for Dynamic Range Made Easy – Blend If — Mark Metternich — Free download

When used to their full potential, the Layer Style “Blend If” sliders are “holy grail” of advanced blending in Photoshop! They are some of the least understood, least used, least exploited, yet most powerful and easiest ways to deal with many blending issues, including dynamic range.

Instead of complicated layer masks they have the ability to replace most masking techniques for quick and easy, real-time dynamic range blending.If you like simplicity, yet not at the cost of sacrificing power, “Blend If’ is for you! In this 1 ½ hour intensive video tutorial, digital imaging specialist Mark Metternich takes you, step by step, through the general workflow for easy, advanced blending for dynamic range using the “Blend If” sliders.

5 separate images (with different needs) are all taken through the workflow and both highlights and shadows are repaired in an easy, clean and lossless manner. Other techniques using “Blend If” are touched on, including subtle advanced Dodging and Burning. *See below for recent testimonials about the video.


Blending blend   (download)
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Course content:

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