Blender: Create your own 3D game models with David Jaasma — SkillShare — Free download

Everything you need to get started in ONE place.

This course will teach you everything that is important to start your journey as a 3D artist. All the crucial fundamental principles, tools, settings, and workflows are explained and you will learn a full pipeline to create simple yet beautiful 3D assets, step by step easy to understand.

Suitable for beginners.

With basic knowledge about 3D You can follow this course. This course will take you by the hand right from the start and will guide you through the dense 3D jungle. If you have some experience already, this course will help you to fill in the missing gaps and smoothly enter the new and exciting land of Blender 2.8.

High quality.

All videos are in Full HD 1080p / MP4 format with English audio.

Get help along the way.

We give our best to make each lesson as clear and understandable as possible. If it still happens, that you got stuck at any point, you can ask for help or share your work in progress in the discussion section under each lecture.


Blender_Create_your_own_3D_game_models.part1.rar  (1.40 GB)
Blender_Create_your_own_3D_game_models.part2.rar  (1.40 GB)
Blender_Create_your_own_3D_game_models.part3.rar  (1.40 GB)
Blender_Create_your_own_3D_game_models.part6.rar  (190.06 MB)

Course content:

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