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Awards & Accreditation: Judging Criteria

Do Awards make you money?

Actually, I firmly believe they do not really. I have many trophies and international accolades and it never seemed to impress my clients that much, HOWEVER, what it did do was:

A: Built my name in the industry worldwide.
B: Gave me a sense of achievement, accomplishment, and value that I had never felt before.
C: Helped me feel qualified to be in business (yes imposter syndrome is real).
The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation is growing so fast.

We had two awards and accreditation rounds in 2017/18 with our second bringing in 6583 images. The consistency and quality of work around the world was extraordinary.

We have had so many questions about how the judging works:
What is the difference between Awards images and Accreditation images?
How do you reach Silver and Gold Merits?
What qualifies for accreditation and what does not?

IN this lesson I have prepared a live judging for you and we can do the criteria together. I put a call out for failed images and received some great shots to discuss.

As a Portrait Photographer of nearly 29 years I am designing and printing the first accreditation certificates and building an accreditation system that showcases accredited Photographers in our network and I feel a deep pride that the Portrait Industry is getting stronger and more valued all around the world. This Tuesday live we celebrate our first Associates and Masters I am in awe of you.


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