Audiotricz Hardstyle Producer Pack Vol. 1 – 789TEN | File Size 1.19 GB | Free download

A comprehensive Hardstyle producer pack from Audiotricz.

The producer pack has 3 components:

  1. Tutorial: The guys produce a track in 3 hrs 20 min with no pre planned melodies or arrangement. They take a vocal all the way to finishing the intro, verse, build up and drop. Enjoy this tutorial with HD video and audio and extra camera angles for a more realistic viewing experience.
  2. Audiotricz Kick Pack: Includes 9 samples of 1 kick design separatley balanced from keys C through to G#.
  3. Audiotricz Logic Pro X Template:  A project file with access to each layer of the project, including the lead synth stack that is comprised of 7 layers plus additional support layers, kick drum, build up, intro instruments, full fx racks and the Audiotricz signature arts accoustic reverb preset!

These parts of the producer pack go hand in hand with each other; the template project was put together live during the tutorial so you know where to go when you use it. You will see the guys adjust and tweak the synths and racks to get the balance and vibe just right. The template you will receive is based onwhat they left off the session with that you can hear in the demo; they liked what they created so much that you might be hearing this on a future Audiotricz release. The advantage of writing with a template is so that you don’t get stuck on leveling the mix or trying to find inspiring synths for hours and hours… you can do that later. You need to grab a synth that already sounds good and is well placed in the mix and just start writing and let the ideas come out. After the writing is done, go back and tweak or swap out the synths and samples until the song is crafted in line with your vision.

The time is now! Get this producer pack TODAY!

This download comes with:

  • HD Tutorial Video in 1080p
  • Audiotricz signature kick samples keyed from C to G#
  • Audiotricz Logic Pro X Template Project File

Total run time: 3 hours 20 minutes 32 sec

Tutorial by Audiotricz

A few unique things about this hardstyle producer pack that got us excited:

  1. Synth stacking to create a huge lead.
  2. Compressing a lead: They explain what they are listening for and what they are trying to achieve.
  3. The signature Audiotricz Kick Drum! What could be better?
  4. Writing your own arpeggios to keep momentum going in the track.
  5. We really enjoyed watching the guys experiment with and dial in their reverb settings.


The Audiotricz process of making music designed to help you get inspired faster and jump right into writing:

  1. Use the template with Audiotricz designed sounds to start hashing out your melody and chords.
  2. Drop in your additional ideas and favourite samples and start arranging the different sections of your track.
  3. Because you didn’t need to spend time worrying about having an inspiring sound, you will have now found it took you a lot less time to complete your song. When you are uninhibited during the writing process, the writing of your songs usually turn out to be much better! It’s all about flowing with your ideas and being unobstructed in doing so.
  4. Adjust or replace certain sounds until the track is in sync your musical vision and personal taste.
  5. Save that as a template and use this next time you write.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of tips and things to learn by watching three professionals like Audiotricz in the studio for 3+ hours. It’s about observing how they work through the creative process and make in the moment music making decisions!

Host DAW: Logic Pro X

3rd Party Plugins in the project file:

Lennar Digital Sylenth, XFER Serum, XFER LFO tool, Nicky Romero Kickstart, Valhalla Room, Valhalla Vintage Verb, FabFilter Pro Q 2

Please note: The project file was slightly modified after the tutorial to remove a few copyrighted samples like a KSHMR crash and the vocal etc.. The Ozone on the master was replaced with the Oxford inflator plugin because the guys felt it sounded better and wanted to pass on more value to you!  Most of the synthesizers and processing used are built into Logic!


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Audiotricz Hardstyle Producer Pack Vol.   (download)
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