Arturia CMI V Explained TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE — Groove 3 — Free download

Synth wizard Tyler Coffin delivers an in-depth series on Arturia’s awesome recreation of the iconic sampler and synthesizer, the Fairlight CMI. See and hear how this instrument was revolutionary in its time, and shaped the way music was produced. Plus, Arturia’s take on it gives the original period-accurate sound, with added usage to make it fit into today’s workflow!

Tyler begins with and introduction and overview of this powerful virtual synth, followed by in-depth coverage of its user interface and basic operation. You’ll then dive into its Sound Page where you set the parameters to get the basis of all sounds in the CMI V.

Next, explore the different Sound Modes including the Sampling Mode, Synth Mode, Spectral Synth Mode, different functions, Assigning sources to Controls, and more.

The Sequencer Page is up next, and you’ll see how to use the CMI V’s rhythmic sequencer to program all sorts of patterns, from arpeggiations to drum loops, and then learn all about using the mixer and effects sections, as well as the tuning and mapping features.

Wrapping it all up, you’ll see how to use the preset manager and browser, plus get dedicated sound design tutorials that show you how to create all different sounds from scratch using the CMI V.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you use or are wondering what this beast of a VI can so, this video series is for you… Checkout “Arturia CMI V Explained®” today!

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