Artistic Color Grading in Lightroom Workshop — Dan Hecho — Free download

Famous photographer Dan Hecho will talk about how to correctly build a workflow and improve the quality of images. At his master class, you will understand the intricacies of processing and color correction in Adobe Lightroom, learn how to work with presets, learn how to spend about fifteen minutes on a detailed study of a single photo, and understand why you need to prepare in advance for shooting.

Theory of getting a good photo.
– Sources of inspiration.
– The three components of the image.
– Perception of photography (light, geometry), composition.
– The history of nudity in the visual arts.
– Where to look for nude models? The concept of filming.
– Questions of hardware and monitor.
– The principles of “copyright” color.
– Ways to create presets.
– Volume development and completion
images before the show in 20 minutes

You will learn
– Get the most out of Adobe Lightroom
– Create and use presets
– Immediately remove so as to dispense with a minimum of processing
– Work with color and black and white photos


Dan_Hecho__Hudozhestvennaya_cvetokorrekciya_v_Lightroom.rar   (download)
1.10 GB

Course content:

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