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In Commercial Quality Interiors Anthony Ross Tyler will guide you through crafting a dark and dramatic commercial quality full interior shot. You will learn the whole process from selecting the best composition, crafting the perfect light, in-camera techniques and how to assemble and retouch the image in post. Ross will also teach you how to shoot light and dark leather interiors, how to capture interiors with built-in LED glow lights and creating an environmental full interior shot.

This class will include a step by step start to finish look at a full interior shot from a custom ’67 Corvette. Ross will also present photography theory de-mystifying the Histogram, selecting depth of field, frequency separation retouching, light modification and ratios and much more as they pertain to full interiors. Ross uses several shots from his portfolio to demonstrate how to craft your own commercial quality interior shots.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Gear used and set up on location
  • Shooting tethered to a Laptop vs. back of camera LCD review only
  • Leveraging light source ratios including ambient light, strobes, headlights, dash and interior lights, etc.   
  • Techniques to using a single strobe/speedlight and techniques to using multiple lights
  • Different light modifiers (bed sheets soft boxes, reflectors etc.) and when and how to use each
  • Editing & Selects – cutting out the shots you don’t need and selecting the ones you do
  • Pre-processing in Lightroom and assembly in Photoshop
  • Masking for the environment, the gauges, the leather and more
  • Dust hunting and leather retouching with frequency separation
  • Correcting leather color with advanced gradient mapping
  •  Final image contrast toning, color grading and detail sharpening


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Course content:

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