Architectural Destruction in Houdini By Hermes Crespo — Pluralsight — Free download

Houdini is the industry standard for destruction and rigid body simulation effects. This course teaches destruction fundamentals in Houdini. You’ll learn about a spectrum of topics from rigid body basics to advanced simulation and render techniques.

Do you want to learn how to create large scale destruction effects in SideFX Houdini? If so, this Houdini Architectural Destruction course is perfect for you because you will learn how to simulate a high detailed destruction from scratch.

First, you will start with some rigid body basics.
Next, you’ll add complexity by fracturing geometry and adding constraint.
Finally, you will learn how to add detail and render your effect.

When you’re finished with this Houdini course, you’ll not only have created your first destruction effect from scratch, but also you will be able to apply that knowledge in creative ways in your own rigid body simulations.

Software required: SideFX Houdini.


Pluralsight – Architectural Destruction in   (download)
1.23 GB

Course Content:

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