Download Full Course of Udemy – AngularJS JumpStart With Dan Wahlin 

Building Web applications? Learn to build robust Single Page Applications (SPAs) with the popular AngularJS framework!

What you’ll learn

  • Getting advantages of Single Page Applications.
  • You will learn about the key components in Angular and be able to explain it.

  • Remain updated on Angular though Google Developer Expert (GDE) Dan Wahlin.

  • This course will provide you comprehensive knowledge about HTML New Tricks with Directives.
  • You will get understanding of the way to build Controllers and Bind Data to Views.
  • Bind Data by using $scope.
  • Know the significance of two-way data binding.
  • See more: Click here


  • Using text editor to follow along and build AngularJS code.

Download AngularJS JumpStart With Dan Wahlin

Course name: AngularJS JumpStart With Dan Wahlin
Official source: Udemy
Authors: Dan Wahlin
Last updated: 3/2018
Total size: 731.23 MB
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AngularJS JumpStart With Dan Wahlin Download
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