Download Udemy – Course with topic Angular 7 Security Masterclass (with FREE E-Book). Get free download with link shared!

A realistic guide to Angular 6 Security. Easy learning of how to add Authentication /Authorization (from scratch) to an Angular 6 or Node App.

Benefits you will gain

  • Get the code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files per section.
  • Get a strong base in Web Security Fundamentals.
  • Carry out the attacks manually on your own to get a comprehensive understanding.
  • Understand and Defend an Application against usual security attacks, like Dictionary Attacks, Cross-Site Request Forgery, and so on.
  • Grasp the knowledge of JWT in-depth, including the multiple signature types
  • Sketch and perform Application Authentication and Authorization from scratch
  • Be able to add RBAC (Role-based Access control) Authorization to an Angular application
  • Be able to add Authentication to an Angular Application using JWTs (and traditional Server Sessions)


  • Previous understanding of Angular and Typescript

DOWNLOAD Angular 7 Security Masterclass

Course name: Angular 7 Security Masterclass (With FREE E-Book)
Official source: Udemy
Authors: Angular University
Last updated: 3/2019
Total size: 1.34 GB
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